Hawaii Kai Boat Club's Youth Sailing Program has been operating since 2009. It is successful successful in teaching children to sail with enrollment in 2016 at over 100 kids between the ages of 7 and 18.

In 2009, the HKBC fleet consisted of 6 O'pen Bics and a handful of students attending one class per week. The HKBC Fleet has grown to 24 O'pen Bics, 6 RS Feva XL double handed skiffs, and the Jr Olympic performance skiff, the 29er. Classes are offered 5 days per week and seasonal weekly camps. 

The O'pen Bic fleet consists of 8 club owned boats, and the rest are owned privately by sailors who have committed to persevere in the sport. The club owned boats are used to introduce sailors to the boat. HKBC would like to expand the O'pen Bic fleet to 20 boats to provide more children the experience of sailing on their own vessel.

With the current O'pen Bic fleet of 9 boats, the camp and class sizes are limited in size. With a wait list of children who would like to join the fun; HKBC would like to grow the fleet.

The RS Feva sailboat is a fast, durable, and high tech vessel that is exhilarating to sail. It has been recognized by the ISAF as a new double-handed planning skiff, and is taking the sport to a new level.  HKBC currently owns 6 RS Feva boats that were generously donated by the Boat Sponsorship Program. HKBC hopes to increase the fleet of FEVA's in order to provide classes to more sailors, and re-introduce East Oahu middle and high schools to the healthy, fun and exciting sport of sailing.

The daily maintenance and upkeep of the boats, docks, and coach boats is performed by volunteers. The costs associated are paid for by camp and class proceeds. Ideally, HKBC would like to expand the 2 fleets and purchase tools and supplies to repair and replace items with on-site supplies. A contribution to this fund will help purchase new sails, rudders, covers, dock parts, and teaching tools. 

HKBC is a non-profit, non-exclusive community of people. The operations are run by volunteers. We have approximately 150 household memberships primarily in the Hawaii Kai area, and the Youth Sailing Program continues to grow.  There are plans for a Club expansion to a site on the water in Hawaii Kai. Although the location is not ready for occupancy, HKBC is preparing for the improvement of the space to accommodate a larger fleet, national and international competitions, and an educational center where children can gather to enjoy boating activities.  We hope that you will consider donating toward, and being a part of the success of, the HKBC Youth Sailing Program.


Donations may be designated toward

  1. Boat Sponsorship Program* (BSP) - Expanding RS Feva XL boat fleet.
  2. Sail Locker - Support the sailing program's general maintenance fund.
  3. Club Expansion - Support the efforts to move HKBC to a permanent site in Hawaii Kai to host large international sailing regattas, increasing fleet size, and accommodate the growing membership.**

Please click on the Donate button to the right to support our programs, or contact for further information.  Mahalo!


* Sponsorship opportunities are varied and can be tailored for your company objectives. Advertising on boats is permitted per class rules.
** Inquire via email or attend a monthly club meeting to learn details about the potential club expansion site.


Contact Us


Hawaii Kai Boat Club
PO Box 26021
Honolulu, HI 96825-6021


Please note this address is for mailing purposes only and is not the location of HKBC.
Our regular meetings and youth sailing program are based from the boat club room and docks of Liko's Tap and Table

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You can make a general donation to HKBC using the below PayPal button. Please DO NOT pay dues or class registration using the Donate button.  Click here to pay your club dues or here to pay for Sailing Classes.


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