Rules & Expectations

Class Rules and Expectations:

Students and volunteers/parents will help setup (rig) and breakdown (de-rig) the boats. All students will learn how to rig and de-rig. Everyone must participate. Awards are given at the end of each quarter to recognize sailors who think ahead and are proactive in the process.

Students are dismissed when all of the equipment is stored and secure.

Late arrival (after 4:30pm) and/or early dismissal (before gear is put away) must be approved by the sailing coach.

Coaches, peers, and equipment must be treated with respect.

For the safety of all the sailors; pushing, roughhousing, and wrestling will not be tolerated.

Foul language is not allowed on or off the boats- EVER.

Running on the docks and jumping off the marina wall are not allowed.

An adult volunteer must man the "bell" to warn of approaching boats while sailors are in the channel area.

When the bell is heard, sailors will look for an approaching vessel (boat, SUP, canoe, etc). The sailor will immediately tack away from the vessel’s approach path, and steer clear until the vessel is at least 50 feet from their boat.

No swimming in the channel. Swimming is permitted in the immediate dock area to the south.

Sailors are expected to follow these expectations and rules in order to create a safe and learning environment for everyone.

If a sailor is asked to stop a behavior
     1X = Take a breath
     2X = Take a 5 minute break
     3X = Take a seat- you’re done for the day

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Our youth sailing classes meet at the docks behind Liko's Tap and Table

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