Sailing Levels

O'pen BIC Sailing Levels

Level 1 - Novice (Fresh Fish): Sail with Crew. Learning how to sit on the rail. Learning how to sheet in and out. Learning how to steer with a tiller. Learning how to see the wind. Learning how to right a boat from capsize. Learning how to rig a boat.

Level 2 - Advanced Beginner: Learning how to sheet-in and drive in light winds (mostly with crew).

Knows how to see the wind. Knows how to right the boat from capsize. Knows the basics on how to rig a boat. Can name the basic parts of the boat.

Learning the rules of sailing and basic knots.

Level 3 - Intermediate: Single handed driving up to 15 knots. Level 3 sailors may sail Friday nights in winds under 10 knots and are invited to participate in regattas with predicted wind under 15 knots.
Able to hike out, sheet in & and sheet out to the wind.
Knows how to see and read the wind. Knows the basic rules of sailing: Right-of-way (port, starboard, windward, leeward, overlap). Knows how to rig the boat. Must be able to finish a race.

Level 4 - Advanced-Intermediate: Single handed sailing (with no instruction). Can sail in winds over 15 knots.

Sheet in all the way up wind, go down wind and reach. Can read tell-tales. 
Races competitively; including good starts and appoint tactics.
Knows the rules of competitive sailing including basic flags. Knows how to tune a sail based on conditions. 

Level 5 - Advanced: Place top 3 positions in some races.

Level 6 - Expert: Assistant in coaching: Able to instruct with forward thought, maturity, patience, and confidence.  

Note: In order to progress to the next level, sailor must perfect skills of current level. Every level (except 1) includes skills of previous level(s) and the current skill set.

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Our regular meetings and youth sailing program are based from the boat club room and docks of The Shack Hawaii Kai.


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